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When dealing with steel poles, in most cases, we can modify the base plate to fit any existing bolt circle. When dealing with aluminum bases, there are limits to what bolt patterns we can match. In any case, contact our sales team to verify if the base plate can be modified and the cost of the modification.

When measuring a 4-bolt pattern, center bolt to center bolt at a diagonal will give you the bolt circle. If that measurement is not possible to do, you can measure from center of bolt to center of bolt side to side. This number will give you the bolt spacing. You then multiply that by 1.414, and this will give you the bolt circle.

When measuring a 3-bolt pattern, measure from bolt to bolt and multiply that by 1.154.

Contact us with any questions you might have about these calculations.

When trying to figure what size pole is needed, we need to know the number of fixtures, brackets, and any other accessories that will be going on the pole and where these items will be located on the pole (in relation to the hand hole). Most importantly, we need to know the EPA (effective projected area) value of each of those items if at all possible. Refer to our Mounting Orientation Guide for information on how to denote proper placement of fixtures, brackets, accessories, and options. If you are unsure about how to provide any of this information, reach out to our sales team, we are happy to help.

Anchor based poles come with a metal base plate that holds 3, 4, and 6 (most typical) anchor bolts that are cemented into the ground. Embedded poles are directly buried into the ground; and don’t have a base plate and they don't require anchor bolts. With embedded poles, a longer pole shaft is required to compensate for the amount of pole that needs to be buried in the ground. Typically, whatever fixture mounting height you need, take 10% of that plus 2’ and that’s how much of the pole needs to be buried. For example, a fixture mounting height of 30’ requires that 5′ be buried — equaling the need for a 35’ pole.

You can view our standard colors here. Custom colors are generally readily available for an additional color set-up charge. For any non-standard color finish, contact your quotations manager for pricing.

While we make every effort to have our site be as complete as possible, there may be times where what you are looking for is not listed in our standard catalog. You are encouraged to contact our sales team or a representative in your state with any product or special needs you might have.

Yes, we manufacture our Two-Tier Adapter Plate, otherwise known as a “adapter plate.” When anchor bolts are set incorrectly in the field, the Two-Tier Adapter Plate greatly reduces the labor required to correct the situation by fabricating the bottom base plate to accept the positioning of the incorrectly set anchor bolts and the top base plates provides the correct bolt circle required by the lighting standard. Each Two-Tier Adapter Plate is customized to fit the existing bolt circle as well as the required bolt circle. We then provide a custom steel base cover designed to aesthetically hide the fix and work with the other base covers on the job site.

American LitePole can provide you with foundation size recommendations as well as sealed and non-sealed foundation designs with customer supplied soil reports for your project.

To help expedite the release of orders to our production team, it is important that we receive all of the following information for each order:

• Complete ship-to address
• Job-site contact name, phone number, and email address
• American LitePole quote number
• Distributor purchase order number
• Mounting Configurations
• Signed-off specifications drawings
• Complete order number, along with fixture information.