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We are a national provider of competitively-priced, high quality steel and aluminum poles used in a wide variety of applications ranging from small street lighting poles to high mast and sports lighting standards.

American LitePole offers many different types of factory finishes including hot-dip galvanizing, prime-coated, powder-coated, and standard painted options. We also provide a wide assortment of accessories including brackets, maintenance platforms, luminaire mounting arms, and practically any other pole-related accessories which you may require.

Our Products

As a leading national supplier of light poles we have partnered with some of the largest manufactures in the nation allowing us to provide an extensive catalog of poles and accessories to fit every project.

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Making the night safe for fans, opponents, and concert goers

American LitePole is proud to be the supplier of parking lot poles and systems for the Dallas Cowboys home, AT&T® Stadium in Arlington Tx.

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American LitePole Installation at AT&T Stadium
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Fort Worth, TX 76107
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